The range of data available on the Transparency and Integrity Hub is broad and deep. Stories have been developed to provide context to the data, and raw data can be accessed through these stories.

To ensure you understand how to navigate, find and export data, we have created the below video tutorials.

Should you have any further questions, get in touch via the Contact Us option on the homepage.

Part 1: Learn How to Explore Council Data is a great guide for understanding the graphs and charts used in our stories.

Part 2: Learn How to Explore Council Data specifically looks at finding and exporting data within tables (this is the information you see below the graphs/charts in the raw data).

Learn How to Explore Data: Actual Revenue and Expenses vs the Budget specifically uses the Actual Revenue and Expenses from 1 July 2021 data as an example for exploring data in this alternative format.

Community Funding: Finding and Exporting Data is a step-by-step demonstration on the quickest and most efficient ways to find and export specific data.