Measuring Our

Core Business Services

Together we proudly enhance
the quality of life for our community.


Core Business 2Core business services are what we do best to keep our city thriving and to meet our community’s needs. It is all the activities undertaken by all employees, whether it’s the maintenance of roads, collection of waste, operations of city libraries, assessing development applications, engaging with our stakeholders or any of our support services. It is what we do to ensure Ipswich remains liveable for its residents and attractive to its visitors.

These activities may happen daily, weekly or monthly, but they remain pivotal to our city’s success. It is important that the core business services reflect our strategic direction and are anchored by our corporate plan – iFuture – to drive what we do and why we do it.

Council’s core business can include services legislated to council, for example licensing food businesses, or those non-legislated or discretionary services such as providing free immunisation clinics for high school students.

Overall our services are led by our purpose statement of “together we proudly enhance the quality of life for our community” while helping us achieve the community’s vision of Ipswich – A City of Opportunity For All – Join Us.

Council provides information about Core Business Services in each year’s Annual Plan. You can view Council’s latest Annual Plan here. You can read the specific Core Business Services section of the plan here.

Service Categories


The below data outlines how council's core services are being measured to ensure we continue to deliver services to the community that align to the city's vision and strategic direction.

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