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The Transparency and Integrity Hub provides the community with unprecedented access to the city’s finances and provides greater scrutiny over how council spends ratepayers’ money.

The data published on this portal includes detailed financial records from council, its controlled entities, councillor expenses and procurement data over $200,000 for the past five years. Data can be explored and analysed through stories or accessing raw data within reports. Council will continue to release more data across a range of subjects in the coming months and will move to have financial data updated in almost real-time.

The hub will also allow for reporting against Ipswich City Council's Operational and Capital Budgets.

Message from the Mayor

Welcome to the start of a journey and an Australian first in financial data accountability for local government.

After this new Council was elected, we resolved at our first meeting to establish this Transparency and Integrity Hub. We realised it would be a bold and ambitious move that would set us apart and move our city into a new era of governance.

After a few short months of hard work and significant collaboration efforts across council, we’re delighted to go live on 1 July 2020 with our first wave of data publication.

Here you will find a range of data insights and analysis tools that enable our community and stakeholders to better explore the business of council.

We have also published a range of insights relevant to council’s previous controlled entities. This shines a light on once hidden information and draws a line in the sand on maladministration and misuse of public monies.

Over time, we will work to publish more insights in greater detail, with improved quality, in order to keep us accountable and rebuild your confidence with this council.

This is your money and we need your feedback on how we can improve the Hub, please tell us your thoughts via the link below.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, we appreciate your patience with us as we continue to develop the capabilities of the Hub.

Mayor Teresa Harding

Sonia Cooper

Message from the Acting CEO

The Transparency and Integrity Hub marks a new era in accountability, and proactive disclosure for Ipswich City Council.

Publishing current and historic data about our finances and services establishes Ipswich City Council as a leader in public sector governance and will help us improve efficiency and community awareness.

Transparency is at the heart of good governance and decision-making, and the Open Ipswich Transparency and Integrity Hub shows our commitment to honest and open government going forward as we serve the people of Ipswich.

In making information available publicly, Council must exercise caution to ensure it meets a range of lawful obligations including those set out in Queensland's privacy law. An independent Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) has been undertaken and is available on this portal. As a result certain information has been de-identified.

Council is actively seeking to provide more detailed and useful information over time. This includes working through the recommendations of the PIA,  including ongoing liaison with the Privacy Commissioner.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on the Hub as we continue in our new transparency era.

Sonia Cooper, Acting Chief Executive Officer

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Vast amounts of data are available on Open Ipswich across a range of data sets. These stories provide additional information and context to the data.

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The range of data available on the Transparency and Integrity Hub is broad and deep. Our current reports have been developed to assist the community to discover more about how Council works and to engage with council data based on areas of interest.

Every effort is made to provide information that is accurate. However, data is subject to change and may contain inconsistencies or errors. Some data, which may identify individuals or companies, has been masked for legal and/or privacy reasons.

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Ipswich City Council (Council) has published this information on the Transparency and Integrity Hub in line with its Open Data Policy to increase openness and transparency and in the public interest.

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Privacy Impact Assessment

In June 2020, Ipswich City Council commissioned a Privacy Impact Assessment from Ground Up Consulting Pty Ltd (Ground Up) to inform the publication of data on the Transparency and Integrity Hub.

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